39 Things You Forgot You Missed About Summer In The ’00s

Bring Slip ‘n Slides back!

1. Sliding along your Slip ‘n Slide in the back garden.

2. Getting unnecessarily competitive over dance mats at the arcade.

3. Using lemon juice to get natural highlights because Mizz magazine told you to.

4. Getting told off for pelting your younger siblings with water balloons.

5. Taking your inflatable furniture outside so you could take a break from playing.

6. Learning the dance routine to “Round Round” by the Sugababes.

7. Getting told off for being on MSN instead of going outside.

8. Playing kiss chase in light-up trainers.

9. Stocking up on Claire’s Accessories anklets and toe rings before your summer holidays.

10. Listening to Ashlee Simpson on your iPod Mini on long car journeys.

11. Feeling sorry for your doodle bear when your mum insisted on washing him and hanging him on the line.

12. Recruiting the 15th member of your PEN club.

13. Making the Eiffel Tower with your Cat’s Cradle.

14. Looking really hot in your Abercrombie ruffle skirt.

15. Feeling instantly cooled down when you ate a Mr Frosty ice crunchie.

16. Busting out your coolest moves to Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”.

17. Dropping your water snake ALL THE TIME.

18. Slurping blackcurrant Calypsos on sports day.

19. Feeling brave because you managed to stay out in your play tent all night.

20. How much it hurt when someone hit the swingball too hard.

21. Keeping out of the sun in your Von Dutch trucker cap.

22. Staying up late to watch Big Brother.

23. Drawing all over your drive with chalk.

24. Carrying all your belongings to the beach in a Jane Norman carrier.

25. Waking up early to watch The O.C. on T4.

26. Covering your entire body in Impulse body spray.

27. Locking yourself away to read BRAND NEW Harry Potter books.

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28. Changing your MySpace profile picture to a bikini shot in which you gaze into the camera from diagonally below.

29. Fake-tanning every night in an effort to resemble Marissa.

30. How satisfying breaking the chocolate on your first choc ice of the summer was.

31. Making scoubidou keyrings for all your best friends.

32. How long you had to wait for the aeroplane’s seatbelt sign to turn off to play your Game Boy Color.

33. Getting told off for drinking too much Sunny D.

34. Having unbeatable adventures on your climbing frame.

35. Photographing all the fun you were having on your Motorola Razr.

36. Bringing back friendship bracelets for your group from your holiday.

37. Writing postcards to your friends with scented gel pens.

38. Sharing a bag of five Millie’s Cookies with your best friend.

39. And, of course, getting back from your holidays, only to have your hair wrap fall out leaving a stump of hair behind.

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